Water Carver Series 2 - Face and Body

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A multitasking machine that puts numerous cutting-edge esthetic technologies at your fingertips, the Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine from spa M.D.I. makes it easy to deliver professional results. Thanks to its versatility, compact footprint and portability, this cavitation machine is an ideal tool for spas and wellness centers of all sizes. It can be used to treat both the face and the body and allows you to provide your clients with a wide range of in-demand esthetic procedures designed to produce beautiful, youthful-looking skin and a slim, toned appearance.


What makes the Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine an excellent choice for your business? This cleverly designed machine has several appealing features:

  • 3 water reservoirs for increased water capacity.
  • Improved 3m camera for crystal clear images of the skin. 
  • Enhanced sonic analyzer. 
  • It's ideal for both nonsurgical facelifts and oxygen/water facial detoxes that deep clean the skin, kill bacteria, promote healing and rejuvenate skin.
  • It provides powerful nonsurgical technologies that shape, smooth, tone and slim with minimal downtime, including cavitation, low intensity ultrasound, radio frequency, nanocurrent and vacuum suction.
  • It's suitable for both face and body treatments.
  • A sizeable screen makes the equipment user-friendly for trained professionals.
  • Multiple treatment handles offer versatility, flexibility and convenience.
  • Its wheeled case makes moving the equipment between treatment areas a breeze.
  • The skin analyzer's camera provides x50 magnification for a clear view.
  • Treatment options for the body include body contouring, body sculpting and shaping, cellulite reduction, bust lifting, buttock lifting, and lymphatic drainage.
  • An ice therapy option can be used to soothe the skin, promote healing and treat conditions like rosacea.
  • An optional microdermabrasion kit, which is sold separately, expands the list of potential possible treatments.


The Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine from spa M.D.I. allows you to offer a mix of time-tested and innovative esthetic treatments. While the exact results depend on the treatment selected and the patient's unique circumstances, individuals treated with this professional ultrasonic cavitation machine can enjoy benefits like targeted fat loss that melts away unsightly bulges to trim trouble spots in the abs, thighs, butt, arms and legs. Smoother, tighter skin with better elasticity can also be achieved, producing results similar to a facelift. The tightening of collagen can erase cellulite, and the promotion of new collagen rejuvenates the skin for a firmer, more youthful look. In addition, this machine can deliver a deep, penetrating massage that enhances circulation and supports the lymphatic system to speed detoxification and healing.

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