Massage Beds & Facial Chairs

A massage or facial should be more than a treatment. It should be an experience. It should relax, renew, refresh and deliver real results that your client can see and feel. When it comes to creating a positive experience that will prompt clients to return for future services, the right equipment is essential. After all, no matter how skilled a massage therapist or esthetician is, clients will find it hard to truly release their tensions, indulge their senses and appreciate the services that they are receiving if they feel uncomfortable or insecure. If you want to build a reputation for delivering an exceptional massage or facial, selecting an appropriate table, bed or chair for the service is critical.

What should you look for when shopping for professional massage and facial beds, tables or chairs? There are many things to consider:
  • Form is an obvious concern. Should you opt for massage beds or tables? Would a chair be a better fit? Think about the space that you have available and the types of treatments that you intend to offer when choosing your furnishings.
  • Client comfort is key. Choose properly sized furnishings that provide a suitable balance of cushioning and support to keep your clients at ease.
  • Provider comfort should not be overlooked. Features like hydraulic and electric lifts and controls allow for smoother service and reduce strain, making it easier for therapists and estheticians to provide quality care for longer periods.
  • Durability is equally important since your furnishings will see frequent use. Ideally, your massage bed or facial chair should age well and provide years of reliable service. Choosing items from a trusted manufacturer like us is a good start.
  • Practicality cannot be overlooked. For example, cleaning and sanitizing are musts, and difficulty in completing these tasks effectively can hamper your ability to serve clients efficiently.
  • Versatility is a useful quality. How adjustable is the furniture? Look for items designed to comfortably accommodate clients of various sizes in the positions necessary for massage therapy or facial treatments.
  • Portability is another factor to think about. Will you be routinely moving the equipment? Would you prefer furnishings that offer a sense of permanence and luxury?
  • Aesthetics matter. The color and quality of the materials used in the construction of the furniture and its overall appearance should be a good fit for your facility.
  • Value is vital to the bottom line of any business. Top-quality equipment that is competitively priced and a good match for your needs offers the best return on your investment.
Are you eager to outfit your spas, salons or wellness centers with attractive, high-end furnishings that offer the perfect blend of form and function? At Spa Equipment Gallery, we use our expertise to find the best furnishings, machines and products on the market so that we can make them available at competitive prices to you.
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