Facial Steamer

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Facial skin that is clean, clear, supple and reinvigorated looks fantastic and feels amazing. How do you help your clients achieve it? Reach for the Facial Steamer. A professional facial steamer, it offers hot and cold technologies and enhances them with the power of ozone. Whether you want to detoxify, moisturize, clean or nourish skin, this professional-grade machine will get the job done easily and efficiently. Clever design features like rotating arms, a wheeled base and user-friendly controls make delivering excellent results easy.


Don't let its simplicity, convenience and small footprint fool you. The Facial Steamer is packed with desirable features:


  • With hot, cold options available, this indispensable steamer can be used to provide or enhance numerous aesthetic treatments, making it a great value for spas and salons.
  • Its ideal for people with all skin types, including those troubled by sensitive skin, acne, oily skin or large pores.
  • This facial steamer gently boosts the cleaning and healing power of its thermal treatments by adding ozone to the mix.
  • Its hot spray opens pores, softening skin, smoothing minor wrinkles and improving dermal elasticity while also supporting the removal of stubborn substances like oils, grease, blackheads, cosmetic residues, dead skin cells and dirt.
  • Open pores improve absorption, allowing moisturizing and revitalizing treatments to penetrate more deeply and deliver more impressive results.
  • The cold spray feature included in this facial steamer expands treatment options and improves cold resistance, skin absorption and issues with problematic pigmentation.
  • Rolling wheels and an aluminum base provide sturdiness so that the Facial Steamer can be moved among work stations without fear or frustration.
  • Its telescopic height and rotating arms make it easy to use the machine from different angles, adding flexibility to the equipment's placement during treatments.
  • Simple controls make operation easy for technicians.


What types of results can you achieve for your clients with a facial ozone steamer in your spa's toolkit? The Facial Steamer can be used to moisturize and clean the skin, removing toxins and impurities and paving the way for healthier, younger-looking skin. Treating the skin with steam can also improve blood circulation, speed healing and support the absorption of nutrients needed for healthy skin. With repeated use, this facial steamer can even lighten skin and fade undesirable pigmentation.

Weight: 17lbs