Facial Lifting Machine - Spa Tech Advanced

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Some machines are one-trick ponies, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as they do their one trick exceptionally well. However, the Spa Tech Advanced Facial Lifting Machine from spa M.D.I. doesn't limit you to doing just one thing. This versatile piece of professional-grade equipment smoothly tackles numerous tasks so that you can provide a multifaceted mix of in-demand aesthetic treatments efficiently. Whether you're hoping to achieve a nonsurgical facelift, body shaping and contouring, bust or buttocks lifting, cellulite reduction, blemish removal, or just the deeper penetration of nourishing skin treatments, this hardworking machine is the perfect tool.

What powerful features does this facial lifting device offer? The highlights are impressive:
  • Its powerful tools are suitable for both facial and body treatments.
  • It's ideal for use with a variety of skin types.
  • With cavitation, radio frequency with nanocurrent and ultrasound options on board, you can offer treatments that are a gentle, noninvasive alternative to surgeries that lift the face, bust or buttocks.
  • The facial steamer with ozone moisturizes and cleanses the skin, stimulates circulation, reduces pigmentation problems, and opens the pores so that nourishing products penetrate more deeply.
  • The circular vacuum makes extractions a snap by drawing impurities to the skin's surface.
  • The facial brush gently massages away dirt, debris and toxins for clean pores and improved lymphatic drainage.
  • Ultrasonic waves support collagen regeneration, prompt muscle relaxation, encourage circulation, and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The machine's camera provides x50 magnification for a crisp, clear view of the skin's surface.
  • An optional microdermabrasion kit, which is sold separately, further expands your treatment repertoire.
  • The wheeled cart, practical design and quality construction make this a user-friendly machine and ensure that moving it between treatment areas is hassle-free and convenient.
With spa M.D.I.'s Spa Tech Advanced Facial Lifting Machine, you can efficiently deliver a variety of top-notch nonsurgical treatments that offer amazing results. In the hands of a talented technician, this piece of multifunctional equipment can supply numerous benefits, including nonsurgical facelifts, bust lifts and buttocks lifts. Its cavitation and radio frequency capabilities make it ideal for treatments that melt subdermal fat and tighten tissue to sculpt and contour the face and body. Circulation and metabolism are boosted as the skin is cleansed deeply and detoxified to improve health, encourage lymphatic drainage and speed rejuvenation. In addition, unsightly cellulite and blemishes can be erased.