Facial Machines

With the right tools, a skilled esthetician can deliver the benefits of a facelift without the concerns or downtime associated with traditional surgery. The multifunction facial machines found in spas, salons, dermatology practices and other beauty and medical centers utilize a variety of time-tested and cutting-edge technologies to deliver superb results. Do you want to expand the list of treatments you offer that can improve skin, gently sculpt the underlying tissues and provide a non surgical facelift? You'll find the professional equipment needed at Spa Equipment Gallery.
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When it comes to providing effective esthetic treatments, high-end facial machinery is crucial. Why opt for a multifunction facial machine? These multitasking appliances allow you to maximize the range of treatments that you can offer while minimizing the demands that the machinery makes on your space and resources. By combining multiple technologies in one compact footprint, you can provide exceptional services and get the most bang for your buck. While the exact details depend on the equipment's specifications, a versatile facial machine can provide a powerful mix of technologies and treatments:

  • Ultrasound uses acoustic waves to ease fine lines and wrinkles, relax tense muscles, prompt collagen rejuvenation, and improve circulation and healing.
  • High frequency tools are an effective way to stimulate circulation, boost glandular activity, and speed cell metabolism. This encourages detoxification and improves absorptions, allowing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin.
  • A facial steamer with ozone moisturizes the skin and delivers oxygen into the skin cells, increasing their metabolism and speeding the turnover of old, worn cells for fresh, clear skin and a more even complexion.
  • Vacuums gently coax impurities to the surface, leaving skin cleaner, clearer and healthier.
  • Facial brushes massage away dirt, dead skin cells and toxins to support lymphatic drainage and deeply clean the pores.
  • Galvanic tools harness currents to balance and nourish the skin while improving circulation.
  • Microdermabrasion procedures exfoliate the skin, sloughing away a layer of dead, dull skin cells to reveal the new skin beneath it.
  • Heat treatments open the pores so that products can sink into the deepest layers of the skin. Ice therapies and cold treatments soothe the skin and reduce redness and irritation.
As a business owner, you need reliable, well-made equipment that consistently delivers amazing results without interrupting your customer flow or slowing your staff down with unnecessary fuss or interruptions. The machines that you count on to get the job done have to operate efficiently and effectively, and for the best return on your investment, they should come with an affordable price tag and a lifespan measured in years. At Spa Equipment Gallery, we offer an extensive selection of top-quality facial machines, so we're ready to help you find the products that fit your needs. Which of the many products that we offer is right for your business?
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