Aqua Peel Series 2

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Offer your clients an effective and relaxing oxygen facial treatment with the Aqua Peel microdermabrasion machine. The Aqua Peel treatment uses European Technology to refine and rejuvenate the skin's surface using superfine microdermabrasion crystals that smooth away dead, dull cells for an instantly brighter and smoother look. The treatment also stimulates the deeper layers of the skin, so your clients can look forward to a firmer and more toned look.

After the microdermabrasion crystals have smoothed the skin's surface, switch to the wand's vacuum setting to reveal a fresher, brighter complexion as you gently and quickly remove the crystals and exfoliated skin cells. The vacuum suction also encourages internal skin cleansing by stimulating the body's own lymphatic system to carry away impurities. Once the microdermabrasion treatment clears away the dull surface cells, the skin is ready to deeply absorb the three-step hydrating and firming Aqua Peel serum.

Thanks to its compact size, this microdermabrasion machine takes up a minimum of space in your treatment room, so you can move about freely while focusing on the client's needs and experience. A vertical pole extends above the machine to hang serum bottles conveniently out of the way yet still within easy reach.
Smooth-rolling wheels also give this machine great portability if you need to move it from room to room, and the combination of caster-style wheels and lightweight construction make for easy maneuvering.


  • Four caster-style wheels rotate 360 degrees and roll smoothly for easy mobility.
  • A simple, easily-accessible control panel lets you maintain your focus on the client.
  • The convenient pole allows you to hang serum bottles out of the way.
  • Ergonomic wand both applies microdermabrasion crystals and creates vacuum suction.
  • Improved Camera for a closer look than ever before. 
  • Improved strength of all instruments. 

Instantly rejuvenates the skin's surface by removing dead, dull skin cells
Stimulates deep into the skin to produce an overall firmer and more sculpted look
Promotes lymphatic drainage
Hydrating and firming serums penetrate deeply through the skin's surface
Clients can return to their normal daily activities with no recovery time
Painless, non-invasive skin resurfacing without the need for lasers
Minimizes the look of fine lines, scars, minor discoloration and blemishes